Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Beyond Infanticide

Remember my rant about Obama's willingness to put the final say over my children's [education, healthcare, etc] into the hands of the government?

Admit it, you thought I was a little into the tin-foil-hat camp. The government doesn't want to hurt anyone, they just want a better society. They're not going to put you in jail over refusing to vaccinate your kids.

Well, get out your own tin-foil-hat now: Belgium already imprisons parents for that. Five months, I hear.

Oh, well just vaccinate your kids then. It's not like they're going to die from it.

I got an email yesterday highlighting Belgium's practice of murder* of children under 12 months. That's right, Belgium permits doctors to terminate the lives of “deficient” children up to a year old, even without parental consent, for the sake of “a better society”. (emphasis mine)

From the UK Telegraph:

Euthanasia is currently permitted on infants and more than half of the Belgian babies who die before they are 12 months old have been killed by deliberate medical intervention.

In 16 per cent of cases parental consent was not considered.

If "parental consent" was not considered in a portion of cases, I daresay it's not considered at all. That the parents may concede is of no consequence. Obviously it will be done no matter the parents opinion.

For a better society.

Didn't Europe deal with this mindset a few decades ago? How is this any different than Hitler's "master race"? He did a lot to terminate the lives of the deficient for the sake of a better German society, did he not?

There are always those (yes, even in America) who think it's their right to define 'deficiency' and 'suffering' and 'quality of life' for the rest of us. Whether because they're footing the bill, or designing a pain-free utopia, I wouldn't know. But the question is, will we let them?

Faithfully Following has posted on the same issue.

*the term was originally 'assisted suicide', but I don't think they're taking the child's opinion or preference into consideration any more than they're considering the parents' wishes.


MamaJ said...

I am going nuts over this! It just blows my mind, and it definitely drops me to my knees in prayer!

Andi said...

I'm speechless . . . and terrified! I think with Josiah's SPD and his food allergies we *might* have grounds to suggest he not be vaccinated, but I tremble at the thought that it may not help. And that for HIS children, he may not even be allowed to consider the option without fear of legal repercussion.

And infanticide???? What the h*@$?! How? Why are people not in a complete uproar about this??? Are we falling into the "it's not affecting me so I'll just keep my mouth shut" habit that was so prevalent during the Holocaust? Look out -- when they truly are after you, there will be nobody left to defend you!

So what do I do? I voted against Obama, and that didn't help. What now?

EllaJac said...

I wish I really knew WHAT to do. I pray. I reach out and live life as best I can to communicate that LIFE is VALUABLE. Children are BLESSINGS. I teach my children values and Truth and offer bits of the same to any paths I cross. Will this be enough? I hope so. I hope that the 'sheeple' either wake up to Christ, or continue in their selfish myopia (and not procreate).

Oh, and Belgium is quite a piece of work. Apparently it's not illegal to SELL YOUR CHILDREN. This woman tried to do so to pay for cosmetic surgery...

annie said...


I emailed my otherwise-intelligent friend who voted for Obama and asked how she could possibly rationalize the whole UNCRC thing and Obama's extreme abortion views. Her response? "Well, Obama has two kids himself, so I doubt he'll vote anything in that would put his own kids at risk."

Um. Right. Because what he sees as acceptable for his own children is obviously how I should be raising mine. And he apparently has no qualms about 'sacrificing' his daughters for the 'greater good' (ie: the whole abortion issue - it may not help his daughters, but at least it's 'helping' the masses. or something. it sounded better in my head).

Anyway, I am sick over the whole thing and I hope and pray that not only will my family be spared but that those who 'know not what they do' will be spared and given a wake up call. My mom and I were talking about this on Sunday, after singing a line in a song centering around the verse, "...every knee will bow, every tongue will confess that he is Lord." They are so blind! They don't know! And one day every single person will fall on their face, in humility and repentance (hopefully not too late) and declare the righteousness of Christ. One day their eyes will be opened and they will see just how wrong they were.

(not to say i'm always right or righteous or perfect. far from it.)

I pray that day happens for many very soon, before it's too late for them.

And I pray it happens even sooner for the sake of my children.

annie said...

And another thing...

I read this and the article about the Belgium imprisionments to my husband and he brought up a good point, one I had completely overlooked (husbands are good for that).

IF polio is only contracted through water, as the article states, HOW are unvaccinated children putting others at risk? That means it's a non-communicable disease! If there's an outbreak of polio, shouldn't they be looking to their own water filtration systems and not the unvaccinated?

I also like the argument that IF you have been vaccinated and IF vaccines actually do work as they're supposed to (which many say they do not) THEN my unvaccinated child poses no risk to you. In fact, you pose a greater risk to me, since you can be a carrier and transmit the disease to my kid without actually contracting the disease yourself.


Rachel said...

Oh. My. Gosh.