Sunday, December 28, 2008

FLDS Roundup

I'm woefully behind on blog-reading, let alone blog-posting, but within the couple-hundred unread posts in my google reader, was another FLDS update at the Common Room. You remember the FLDS fiasco in Texas, right, when someone made some prank calls claiming to be an abused teen, and several days later (because it was such an emergency) law enforcement raided their community, removing hundreds of children, separating families, and worse.

Her post is full of links and quotes, but I'll point out two of them here.

Crimmins [a CPS person] said the intention all along had been to conduct individual investigations, but the children were removed so that could be done. The agency had accused the parents of being uncooperative and deliberately obscuring the identity of the children.

The Headmistress points out the glaring admission here: CPS thinks children can/should be removed so then they can investigate. We should all sit up and take notice of this, if we haven't already.

The last paragraph is one to notice as well (actually, they all are). How does an agency like that continue in it's ways???

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