Monday, December 29, 2008

Remember The Other Raid?

Not the FLDS this time, remember the organic food co-op family that was raided SWAT-style? They're fighting back, thankfully. So far it doesn't look like the original story was embellished at all.

"We had a sheriff's department group of about 11-12, I don't know, 13 men come into our home. It was violent, it was belligerent, they didn't identify themselves," Jacqueline Stowers said.
She and 10 children were forcibly herded into a room and held there for at least six hours, she said.
"In the meantime we had people with guns inside and outside," she said.
The legal representatives said a report from the sheriff's department said one of the deputies "even snatched a cell phone out of the hand of a teenage son who was attempting to call Mr. Stowers (during the raid)."
"In addition, the complaint alleges the governmental authorities confiscated all of the Stowers' personal food intended to provide for and nourish them all through the winter months," the organizations said.
The complaint also seeks a preliminary injunction against the Department of Agriculture and declarations stipulating that Manna Storehouse and the Stowers are not a "retail food establishment" under Ohio's Food Safety Code. As a private cooperative, Manna Storehouse is exempted from the Food Safety Code, the organizations said.
Officials with the
Weston A. Price Foundation, a nutrition education non-profit, said several of its members had been participating in the co-op, but now their food supplies are disrupted.
The Buckete Institute's spokesman, David Hansen, said, "The use of these police state tactics on a peaceful family in simply unacceptable."

Like the CPS dismantling families to 'see if' there might be abuse or neglect, this is abuse of government power. While the armed, no-knock raid for a third-degree misdemeanor charge is horribly over-the-top, so too is the idea that if the government hasn't stamped it's approval on what you feed your family they can empty your cupboards at a whim. One can live without a car, or even electricity, but food? I'm not really comfortable with the government holding the power of life and death over me in that way. Are you?

The Common Room has more, and commentary.

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MamaJ said...

Thanks for the update, I haven't even looked to see what happened with that yet. Very disturbing!