Wednesday, December 31, 2008


We've been enjoying episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise via Netflix. Last night we were watching a couple episodes that featured an 'altered timeline' wherin Nazi Germany attacked and gained ground in the US, including Washington DC. Hubby and I remarked about the chilling sight of the Nazi flag hanging down the sides of the White House, as well as a propaganda clip wherein the US flag was flying with the swastika, subordinately.

Eventually Big Sister asked, "What are Nazis?"

I replied something along the lines of: "People who wanted to remake the world in their image, who were terribly evil and killed so many people." Struggling for a way to encompass Naziism in two seconds for a seven-year-old, and coming up short, I added, "you'll learn about it eventually in homeschool."

She thought about that for a moment, and then with some surprise, stated, "wow, we're going to learn a lot about Star Trek in homeschool!"


MamaJ said...

What's the episode with those fuzzy things, the tribbets/trivets or something? See if your Hubby knows. I am having a random Star Trek flashback from when my Dad used to watch them nightly, ha!

EllaJac said...

Haha! "The Trouble with Tribbles" was a Next Generation episode. I think they might've had an appearance on the really old star trek original series too. Funny!