Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm "It"

**Updated to include the proper link to Cameron's blog. I guess it's not so dumb after all...**

I've been tagged by Benny, a new blogger who is friends with a blogger I read every now and then. I'm always excited and humbled to be 'noticed' by 'nice' people who shouldn't ever know I exist, really.

And since I'm terrible at ever doing these things (sorry MamaJ! It's still in my system somewhere!), I should do at least one...

The rules:

1. Post the rules on your blog
2. Write 6 random things about yourself
3. Tag 6 people at the end of your post
4. If you're tagged, DO IT and pass on the tag

Hopefully these things aren't too divisive... :)

1. I'm not much for 'recycled' Christianity. If you believe in Jesus as your saviour, the rest is (should be) just details. While I enjoy discussing different points of theology and doctrines (sprinkle or dunk, infant or adult, etc), I don't like the idea of 'converting' one brand of Christian into another - if God changes their hearts/minds, so be it, but the active proselytizing of other 'already' Christians disheartens me.

2. I bite my nails - mostly when we have a season of 24 from Netflix to watch. I hate biting my nails, and my oldest does the same, to my deep shame. Is it genetic, or have I messed her up entirely?

3. I fell far from the tree. Even if my mother hadn't been handicapped, she was not very ambitious in much. She didn't excel in school, didn't have a career, didn't like (or know how) to cook, clean, garden, sew, knit, bake, can, or do other domestic things. My grandmother is very can-do (but can't train others in it, somehow), and philosophically very feminist and relativist.

4. I love old, big bowls. I have an enameled steel basin which I love, a matching larger 'bathtub' (full of peaches, right now), and a beat up aluminum bowl (the only aluminum I love). Each has a hole along the edge for hanging on the wall.

5. If there are doritos around, I will eat them. In fact, while I know a lot about health and nutrition, and practice it pretty well when shopping, I don't exercise the same discipline when faced with the offering. Potlucks, barbecues, about the only thing I can easily stay away from is aspartame-laden foodstuffs. That's easy.

6. I'm almost out of freezer space.

As to the tagging part, I'm a wimp. Will my tag be felt as a burden? Will I be overstepping my relationships by being so bold as to 'tag' someone? Will I feel rejected if my 'tag-ee' doesn't do it? Hmm... better add:

7. I'm paranoid.

Deep breaths, let's be brave... How many do I have to tag? Six? Sheesh. Okay, here goes...


1.Rachel, because she somehow found this blog and left a comment.
2.Annie, because she sent me a skirt and is pregnant with her second (!), and we share odd similar history like bare feet and church stuff.
3.Meghann, because she's also a new visitor/commenter, and is expecting her fourth baby any minute now (so I'm sure she'll have time to do this), and has Keith Green playing in her sidebar.
4.Cameron, because he's expecting my first niece, and has nothing on that dumb blog of his, except the weird paradox of the title "Life in Minnesota" and the location of Fargo, ND.
5.Mrs. Amy Brigham, because I need to be actually brave in this list, and really reach for a real-life much-read blogger. No offense to the rest of you; you're really amazing too, but I have a working relationship with most of you, so you're a little easier to approach. :)
6.And finally, MamaJ, if she doesn't hate me for never finishing one of these SHE tagged me with. *sigh*


MamaJ said...

You silly goose! I will do your meme, but only because you revealed that you bite your nails. Which means that you are just that much more of a kindred spirit. :-) Hmmm, now I must come up with some more strange things about myself, how will I ever do it?

Meghann said...

I love it! Love learning your mother did not do all these things that you are doing now...encourages me as I'm just learning myself due to not being raised that way! And it looks from your list of "to dos" you have learned a lot!

I will do my best to do this as baby still hasn't arrived...hopefully it will help get my mind off the suspense of when it will happen :)

Benny said...

Yay! I'm so glad you did it! Thank you Ellajac! I too always feel like that sort of thing must be a burden to others. It was fun for me to read your thoughts on doing it! I am glad I know you a little better now.

And the picture of your little girl is adorable.


Rachel said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'm a dork and love these things :P

annie said...

I bite my nails, too. And my husband is convinced I've already passed the habit onto my (15mo) daughter. Yikes. I'm hoping it's genetic!

And Keith Green? We LOVE Keith Green around here! It's rare we find anyone who knows about him. :)

I'll do your meme. If I can think up six things....hmm.....

EllaJac said...

Aw, ladies, you're all so great.

Benny, I didn't see this comment before I left my recent one at your blog.. silly me.

And what's with all the nail biting, huh? Is there a Nail-Biter's Anonymous or something? I've gone through stages where I don't bite them a while (a year or more, even) but always regress. Am I hopeless?

I look forward to seeing your answers.

Cameron said...

Momo, go to the right blog!