Friday, September 26, 2008

An Observation

I'm listening to the Presidential Debate on Sirius (playing on the computer) while I sew in the other room.

I notice that John McCain refers to his opponent as "Senator Obama."

Barack Obama refers to McCain as "John."

Wonder why?


annie said...

Attempt to undermine McCain's right to respect?

Attempt to place himself higher and garner respect for himself("that's right, I'm the senator, you're just an old guy who's about to keel over")?

Attempt to appeal to the younger crowd by creating an "informal atmosphere", eliminating all titles of position and promote his image of an "everyday guy"?

I really don't know. We aren't watching or listening to the debates. It's gotten to be just a lot of talking and rhetoric with them each trying to make their point appealing at the cost of making no point at all. The circular talk makes me dizzy. I'll catch the highlights later.

EllaJac said...

I'm with you on that last part.. Dizzying. Hubby left it on, and I'm subjecting myself to it.

I was thinking it could be an age thing. The 'older' generation being more formal (whether that would work in his favor or against, I have no idea) than the younger.

I don't like either one, but I do fear more for America if The One is elected. Yikes.

Rachel said...

I caught the first question, but was then called away to watch a happy Jane Austen movie instead...woe is me... :P Part of me wants to listen to the debates and such to be more informed, but the other (more persuasive) part doesn't even want to think about it because it all makes me angry/sad/annoyed/whatever. Ugh.

Meghann said...

I noticed that too...