Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well, I was planning to blog about the crazy weekend we had with my folks visiting, who brought my step-brother's kids Vcitoria (almost 7) and Colin (a VERY busy 2). But then I had sixteen piles of laundry (give or take) that took all my attention on Monday, and then I got involved painting this computer room on Tuesday (it's going to be a girl-ish room for the kids... shhh!), and THEN I got whatever bug my folks seemed to have before leaving. And then my kids had yesterday (it's easy to paint when they stay in bed). About five p.m. I started feeling it. Hubby came home from work and fell into bed, and I'll spare you the details of my eternal overnight suffering. I seem to be the worst of us at this point, and the girls are doing much better, so I hope it's short-lived.

If and when I recover, I'll try to post something worthwhile. :)

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MamaJ said...

Hope you're feeling better soon!!