Thursday, September 25, 2008

What Happens When...

I was trekking through a Blue State a while back, and happened upon some interesting artifacts. I can only assume they were left after some hapless hippie types (like the last post) wanted to get closer to nature.

Of course, I can't know the exact circumstances, but I'd guess they accomplished their closeness:

They must've gone in a group, because nearby there was another:

Do you think they might still be in there?

If so, do you think they're 'one with the dust (moss?),' or are they living carefully - without leaving any footprints (carbon or otherwise)?

JUST KIDDING! I was in western Washington, and this is what happens when you park your car overnight.


Cameron said...

Those are my bugs! Well...they were. The white bug was 100 bux. I wanted the pan, dad wanted one of the fenders. We each paid 50 bux. To bad the brakes didn't work when we were towing it. Mysteriously dad decided he didn't need that fender after all!

Remember driving the old black bug on the way to youth group and the brakes failed at old 99? Hehe...Good times.

Oh, and remember the red bug on the Blues? Really good times.

EllaJac said...

Your ideas of 'good times' leave some to be desired. :)

Now, I waited months to post this because Mom is mortified that anyone might link these pics to any corner of their property.

Oh well... not like she reads here anyway! :D

Rachel said...

I love finding old stuff in the woods! It makes me oddly happy to see nature and technology tangled together.