Sunday, September 21, 2008

Happy First Year!

Today Organique is 1. Remember last year? What a week. I don't do the last few days (especially when they're post-due-date) of pregnancy with much grace.

Happy Birthday!

She's 1, and has been walking for a month, and is the sweetest, best-natured snuggle-bug I've ever had. I'm also older and have a different perspective of the amazing blessing of children, so perhaps that plays into it.

AND - I'd like to take this opportunity to announce the expected arrival of my first genetically-relatable (i.e. on 'my' side of the family) niece! My brother and his wife are expecting their first baby, and it's a girl to be named Mackenzie (perhaps I'm misspelling that - I'll find out). She's due sometime in late January, but don't hate me if I root for somewhere around the middle of the month.

And don't ask why we can't seem to produce any boys for this family. We don't know either.

Now to go make a peach... cake.


annie said...

haaapy birthday! being one is so much fun :)

i like the dolly taking a bath in the other side of the sink!

Meghann said...

Oh she is so adorable! Unfortunately they didn't get to share bdays though...

My midwife is having me take 18 red raspberry leaf capsuls at a time every two hours all day today and tomorrow to get labor going...hasn't been too bad but still - 18!!! YUCK!

So looking forward to having a baby to hold (and nurse!)

Hope your little one had a wonderful day :)

Cameron said...

I think you spelled Mackenzie right. If we have a boy we'll name him Eiznekcam. :D j/k