Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Eight Years...

...and counting.

Today is Hubby's and my 8th wedding anniversary. I know this because it's 2008. So handy to be married in 2000.

I wouldn't label any of the following as commemorative, or celebrating our day, but they are indeed events unique to today...

  • Our goose arrived. He was due next week, with the chicks, but for some reason he came early, solo. He's in the garage in a garden cart.
  • I voted in our primary election.
  • Our mama cat, after being chased away from the gosling, disappeared for a moment and returned with a garter snake which she proceeded to eat on the welcome mat on the porch. Ewww...
  • Little Artist dropped her smoothie cup... and smoothie globs managed to make a path across 12 feet of dining room floor.
  • Later, when I briefly exited the room, things got out of hand and more smoothie made it onto the floor, into Little Artist's hair, on her clothes, her face, up the wall, and onto an electrical outlet. During the same time frame, approximately two cups of dirt from Hubby's prized pine tree pot ended up tossed into a corner to "scare a spider" that was residing there, and a kid's dining chair was placed on the dining room table - apparently to entertain Organique.
  • Big Sister spent considerable time undoing many of her above actions.

Due to my gardening efforts, homemaking and organizing have suffered, and I don't even have a menu plan for the week. Which equals having NO idea what to make for our evening's anniversary dinner, and it's nearly 4:00! Yikes! What I wouldn't give for some nice, safe, ground beef. We ran out of ground beef some months ago. THAT would be an anniversary gift, huh? I'm afraid I don't trust the critters in this neighborhood (or, trust their upbringing, as it were) though.

Don't worry for us though: Saturday evening we and Organique were able to go off for a nice dinner out, followed up with a "working date" - shopping for shoes for the kids and Hubby, and looking at barbecue grills we can't afford to buy (or operate!). I'm voting for a fire pit.

Happy Anniversary to us!


home handymum said...

Happy Anniversary!

Hope you have a lovely evening together

MamaJ said...

Hurray for the year 2000! Our 8th anniv. is in August. I am sure it will resemble something like yours. Some catastrophe or another will occur! Congrats!

annie said...

happy anniversary! :)