Friday, May 02, 2008


Yesterday was one of those days. One of those days seemingly fraught with paradoxes (paradocies?), in which I wonder if I've somehow entered the Twilight Zone. I did, however, forget the diaper bag for our trip to town, so that element of reality comforted, oddly enough.

Paradox #1:

A funny one, kindof. The girls and I enjoyed visiting with some elderly folks for lunch yesterday. They are fairly liberal in their politics, and did much head-shaking and 'tsk-tsk'ing about the state of things. Including how worried they are about the terrible way food is produced and processed and how do they expect us to eat? -- while serving up hot dogs and Jiffy cornbread from a box. Hmm....

Paradox #2:

I was accused of being liberal (!) by someone usually quite conservative.

Paradox #3:

While engaging in a refreshing debate about the Texas CPS happenings, a member of the military stated that it didn't much matter whether the Bill of Rights was being burned and trampled, because those people are so sick. "We have to draw the line somewhere, and this religion wasn't even around when the Bill of Rights was written!"

I must admit, this last paradox was almost too much. Asking this military serviceman how he could say that when he's given his oath to defend the Constitution (including said Bill of Rights) didn't result in much more open-mindedness. I didn't get a chance to say how I disagree that the Constitution should be rewritten or overruled in certain circumstances. My heart was in my throat, though.

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