Monday, May 05, 2008

Erring on the Side of Caution?

In case you still think the FLDS children now in foster care have a "better" chance at a good life, this article might make you think again:

A check of the Department of Family and Protective Services Web site shows some facilities now housing FLDS children have been written up for violations.
Kidz Harbor in Liverpool, for example, was cited in February for lack of supervision that allowed two children to engage in sexual activity. Also this year, Cal Farley failed to report bruises on a child and a critical injury; a staff member also ridiculed a child for not finishing a task.
Presbyterian Children's Homes & Services, which operates both foster homes and group shelters, was cited last year for foster parents who held inappropriate conversations in front of children; used discipline that included use of a belt and making a child stand on one foot in a closed closet; and failing to report a 17-year-old girl had run away [gee, wonder why].
Reports on facilities are available at

In addition, I found more. The Kidz Harbor Home this past year had the following violations (plus others not listed here):

4 children were not receiving daily medication according to the label.

1 staff was monitoring 15 children while [the rest] prepared medication.

I observed room 6 being used as a storage area with trash and debris...hole in the wall by the TV in room 7...part of the wall was missing in the girl's bathroom behind the last toilet...missing shower heads in two of the three shower stalls, broken paper towel dispensers, and a black growth in the first toilet.

Employees have not been subjected to any random unannounced drug testing since the inception of the policy.

It is interesting to note that some of these places still have "pending" violations whose details are as of yet undisclosed. While some are reported as they are cited (not reporting injuries/hospitalizations within allotted time), others (holes in walls, unsanitary conditions) have a space of several days between the inspection and the citing (the "pending" time, I presume), in which they did not rectify the problem.

But hey, even if these things have happened/are happening where the FLDS kids are now, at least it's not as bad as the things that might have happened at the YFZ ranch. We need to be on the kids' side here, after all. Better safe than sorry. Right?


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