Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A Glimmer

Of hope, for my tortured soul.

Ok, maybe that's a little exaggerated, but not much.

A Texas judge barred the state from removing Joseph Jessop Jr. from his mother when he turns one on Thursday. His mother has been living in a shelter in San Antonio and caring for and nursing him at a children's shelter during the day.
The couple is legally married, monogamous and, as certified EMTs, lived separately from the other residents in a medical/community building at the Eldorado ranch. They produced documents identifying themselves and their children at the time of the raid.

Of course, those couldn't be trusted.

And it's about time:
Judge Michael Peden also ordered the state to disclose the location of the couple's older two children, ordered that the parents be allowed daily supervised visits with them, and set a full hearing on whether the state has the right to keep the children at all on May 23.
Yeah, you read that right. The state wouldn't even tell them where their older children were. Oh, and older looks to be about 3 and 5 or so (but that's just my eyeball test).

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