Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Big Sister and I were enjoying the antics and smiles of Organique the other day.

She asked, "Mama, is [Organique] cuter than Baby Jesus?"


"Umm... I don't know. She's pretty cute.."

Guess I'm just not sure how to answer that one. Do I blaspheme if I imply Baby Jesus was less to look at than our girl? Maybe he wasn't so cute, and I'd hate to lie.

Thankfully I don't know, so I told her so. :)


annie said...

Good answer! I'd be tempted to say, "Of course!" before I really thought about what she said. :)

I was in Goodwill again today and found four more long denim skirts. You don't happen to be a size 8, 10, or 14 do you? :)

EllaJac said...

Umm... I'm 'aspiringtoa14' you might say. Not making much progress in that direction.

What kind of deal is Goodwill offering? :)