Saturday, May 17, 2008

Remember "Girls As Young As 13"

Getting pregnant?

Looks like another CPS creation.

Yep, creation.

Land of the free....?


home handymum said...

Thankyou for your coverage here. I have been distressed for these kids - the babies and preschoolers taken from their Mummy's arms for months, without any preparation or explanation. Now _that_ is abuse. What will this do to their own feelings of security and and trust in later life? These kids now know that the world can change in an instant and everything you've ever known can vanish without a trace.

Sure, that happens all over the world, but those situations are generally called Natural Disasters or Conflict Zones, and teams of workers usually try to pour in to help restore families and rebuild lives - even in countries and cultures which do, beyond doubt encourage female mutilation, young marriage and polygamy (North Africa springs to mind).

home handymum said...

Just read this article. You don't even have to be a 'weirdo' to have your kids taken from you and have to fight for over a year to get them back...

EllaJac said...

Good grief. How horrific! Seems like England is suffering from a lot of sick doctors, not parents. Now, if only there was an island for sale... Evil over-reaching government!