Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Future Food Update

Saturday May 10: Hubby extracted the pickup and come-along from the problem corner post. He completed another side fence, and we now only have one open end to enclose, and a latch to build for my gate! He also mowed the garden area. Does this give you any idea of where we are with the whole garden plan?

Mother's Day: Hubby fixed the rototiller (again) and tilled a patch for my potatoes. I planted 10 lbs of organic red potatoes I got from my mom in Washington. No, she didn't buy seed potatoes for me, but while helping her rearrange and organize her new kitchen, I found 2 bags of them 'growing' in her pantry. No sprout inhibitor garbage here! Hoping they'll continue the sprouting in the garden.

Monday May 12: Too windy for outdoor work. Ordered the following critters:

  1. Grown Layers: 2 Araucana, 1 Brown Leghorn.

  2. Pullets: 2 each of Brown Leghorn, Black Australorp, Black Sex Link, Light Brahma, Buff Orpington, and Golden Laced Wyandotte.

  3. Cockerels: 6, 9, or 12 of the same breeds (minus Black Sex Link). Why roosters? Hopefully they'll be less suicidal than the cornish cross, and we'll plan on eating most of them. Too, we can determine which are actually nice to have around (I've heard good things about the Buffs, Brahmas, and Australorps) and keep a few. The Brahmas get huge (we like that), and have cute feathered feet. The Brown Leghorns look so beautiful - we'll see if they truly are. They lay white eggs though. The aracaunas lay colored eggs, and the girls will love that. Li'l Artista's Black Link chicken that we got last year (Rosie) died a horrible death, being eaten THROUGH the electrified poultry netting... leaving a pair of wings on the inside. :( The Wyandottes look exotic, and we thought we'd try them out.

  4. We also ordered six bronze turkeys and

  5. A random goose. Why a random goose? Because they're a dollar cheaper if you let the hatchery choose. Don't ask me why. If it hisses and chases me, I'll eat it. I might eat it anyway.

  6. I have four guineas reserved from a local guy that is incubating some eggs.
Tuesday May 13: Ordered a handful of seeds from Baker Creek. Purple onions, carrots, and some beans.

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