Saturday, October 04, 2008

Blog Changes

I'm not sure when it happened, but I noticed a while back that my background is different. Who did that? Did blogger? I don't think I did it. This nice yellow-ey background used to have a parchment look and feel to it, and now when I update my blogheaders, it's not near as nifty. Can I reclaim the parchment? Is it gone forever? Am I the only one who misses it? (don't answer that)

In other news, you can know even more about us (I know, just what you always wanted)... See the "About Me" profile on the right? There's a little link there where you can learn more about us, in case you have a hard time keeping our characters straight. Heck, sometimes even *I* have a hard time, and it's *my* life I'm living. Sheesh.


Rachel said...

Have you tried tweaking your "template"? Go to your "Dashboard" and then click "Layout" then "Change template" ...mess around in there and maybe you can get your background back :)

EllaJac said...

Rachel, I haven't tried that... I did go in and edit some html to give me the three columns (which wasn't available with this parchment template). I'm a little worried about messing that up, though I suppose I could just save the existing programming into a document..

Rachel said...

That's a good idea. Knowing some html is SO handy for blogging. Good luck!

annie said...

It might be because you changed the format and the header thing. I like your corn a lot, and the three column style, but I think that may have made Blogger confused. Also, if you use the html tab when writing instead of the other one, it's easy to make changes to font, etc. without noticing. I switched to the other tab (which means I see all the html instead of the pictures or italics or whatever) because I was getting frustrated with the random changes that would happen that I didn't intend to do.

What pattern are you using for your bloomers? I need to make up a couple pairs for my daughter and am thinking of just loosely tracing a pair of her pants, but they fit her differently than the bloomers would and I'm not sure that will work.

annie said...

whoops....those tabs should be switched. the "edit html" tab is the one where you see all your html and the compose tab is the one that would randomly change things on me. hopefully you know what i'm talking about.

EllaJac said...

Rachel, I don't exactly "know" much html, but edited for the three colums via careful instructions somewhere. I did that MONTHS ago, though, and I've only noticed the change within the last month or so. Not saying the change happened then, but I know it was 'normal' for some time after the three column shift.

Annie, the background changed before I redid the corn header. I've been adding different headers each month (mostly) and didn't have the problem then. I seem to remember blogger changing some template options, and I wonder if people were annoyed that it was hard to match a custom header with the parchment or something. *sigh* I tried tweaking different templates, but the "sample" window would just stay completely blank.

I used a drafting tutorial for the bloomers. I'll look for it again and leave a link on your blog...? If I find it. :)