Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pessimist Day

Did you watch the debate last night? Did you want to poke yourself in the eye with an icepick?

You know, for the first time in my adult life, I'm really worried about what America is going to look like.

And you can quote me on that.

I don't want to be fined if I choose to not insure my children.

I don't want our taxes to have to shore up every lazy/uneducated homeowner, or pay for daycare for every working mother.

There's a lot of talk about choosing between "socialism, or socialism lite" with these candidates. I think it's worse than that. Marxism wants to destroy the family - parents in the workforce, children indoctrinated in institutions - and when you start taxing my husband to pay for my neighbor's daycare, that's exactly what's going to happen. We, who do not need such subsidies (homeschooling, for one), are also the ones who can least afford it (one income). And the idea of punishing true excellence will do more to push that excellence overseas than anything else. The top 5% (the ones who Obama claims don't pay their "fair" share?) already pay some 67% of taxes. Well, if that's not enough, what is? Would you work your hiney off to become part of that top 5% if that's your reward? Not me. Some time ago, when Obama was defending his capital gains tax hike, it was pointed out to him that when that rate was lowered, the government actually got more revenue from it, because everyone jumped into investing. Would he still hike it? Yes. Why? For fairness.

The man is sick.

With this "bailout" mess, what will the future be for my kids? Will my daughters have the option of staying at home with their kids? If families choose radical simplification (no electricity?) over putting mom in the workforce, will they lose their children?

How bad does it have to get before we can start over, with the Constitution in charge?


Rachel said...

I'm totally up for starting an autonomous commune if you are...

annie said...

i emailed this to my (liberal) brother because i agreed with you and thought you worded what i think rather well, certainly much better than i can word things when talking to him. he's a genius and intimidates me. :) anyway, this was his response:

“Although the top 5% do carry some 67% of the burden, this number is useless without context. They also earn 75% of the wealth. Of that, the top 1% of earners pay 22% of the total tax burden while earning 26% of the nation's income.

That's hardly Marxism. If anything, they aren't paying nearly enough in taxes.”

i admit to not knowing much about marxism, but i still think you're right. i think it's encouraging people to stay at the bottom rung when you over-tax the wealthy. i do believe they ought to be taxed greater than the middle and lower income classes, but i don't believe they should be responsible for all the taxing. or even most of it. i told my brother i'm glad he's not president or any ambition i might have to become wealthy (which, by the way, i don't) would be shot right down. why aspire to greater heights only to be taxed out of proportion?

i think what really got him was the criticism of obama.

he's probably reading this, too. :) hi bro!

sariah said...

Yikes! I missed a large part of the debate on Tuesday because we got home late- what is this about fining you for no insurance? (I assume that is Obama, of course?) We had no insurance for our kids until 2 years ago. We couldn't afford it until then. How would fining someone change the fact that they can't afford it? But that is not even the point. The point is we have forgotten what freedom is. That comment should have sparked an uproar but I haven't heard anything about it. Only about McCain's idea to help the homeowners. Yippee! Let's think of all the ways we can throw money around until we've totally bankrupted ourselves. }:-O

EllaJac said...

Annie, if you're interested in Marxism, So Much More (link in my reading list) surprisingly has quite a lot of history on it. Scary stuff.

As to the tax argument from your brother, I think it's Obama's philosophy that is so hideous. "Redistributing" wealth is so unrighteous. It's removing God (faith in State, instead) and playing mommy, making sure everything is shared equally. Of course, while real mommies have the authority and ability to get their children to 'work,' equally, government won't - unless it's to it's own end (woodrow wilson's civilian tattle tale squad). Would everything have to be fair, then? If some student took 17 credits and got straight A's while working their tail off, should they have to split that gpa with some 13 credit slacker who has C's? I mean, someone with a heavy credit load who gets good grades is likely to succeed more than the other guy, and that wouldn't be 'fair' either, would it?

When Gov't has the final authority over children, especially (as is a huge plank in the left's pseudo-compassion platform), that makes me nervous. When does my religious education turn into hate speech? When do my decisions regarding vaccinations or tylenol become neglect? When the gov't foots the bill for 'baby bonds' or healthcare or ANYthing, when do they get the final say over how many children I have? It's a slippery slope, and I want nothing to do with it.

EllaJac said...

Sariah, what they're not saying is that McCain's idea is ALREADY in the bailout bill, signed and passed and being implemented. The gov't already has the authority to buy mortgages, or have a judge step in and renegotiate the interest rate and principle. Do you suppose there will be much investment in banks, since their legal contracts are now like jello? Hmmm... That way, decent taxpayers can subsidize ALL housing for ALL people.

Mother Government needs you, Comrade!

annie said...

Actually, I have that book, though it's loaned out at the moment. I should look up the information for myself, from several different sources, because while I'm sure she has a lot to say, I don't like to rely on one source with such an obvious bias (however unintentional).

If "redistributing wealth" is actually what Obama has outright said, in those words, then that is Marxism. Even I know that, thank you high school World History Honors. What the heck else is going on in those countries claiming the Communist Manifesto as their bible?

I am so with you on the "Mother Government" and the frightening downward spiral it creates. I get enough grief from my family and the doctor's office about my choices in raising my daugther. What KILLS me is the people who are making these policies and coming up with these ridiculous ideas are the ones who were raised (mostly) the same way I am attempting with my daughter! I'm not doing anything new by teaching her values and morals. I'm not inventing some kooky childcare methodology by enforcing discipline and instilling manners. I'm not even doing the counter-culture thing when I want to feed my family the diet my grandparents and great-grandparents were raised on. By these policymakers regulating my family size or usage of over-prescribed medication or which doctor I can go to and which one I can't based on the healthcare that was so generously handed to me, they're saying they shouldn't have been born or their own childrearing was wrong or they were messed up by the wholesome principles taught to them by their own parents.

I'm not saying this very eloquently and I'm kind of all over the place. It just makes me mad. Why can't they just stay out of my business? I'm not breaking any laws, except the ones they hurridly create because I'm not doing things the way they think I should do them. Who made them God?

Agh. I need to go nurse my little one and not be angry while I do it. :) Thanks for providing a venting space!

(and don't even get me started on the bailout poor husband gets the same speech from me every night because i heard something on the radio before he got home that made me mad again :)

MamaJ said...

Icepick, so funny! That about summed it up! And Rachel's idea of the commune is not so far off. I started looking around at church, going, "Hm, we have a lot of different skills here, we could make a small community and do pretty well." How sad is that?
It's become all about taxing the one income families to give tax breaks to the two income families! Because we're not working extra hard to maintain this lifestyle or anything...

Anonymous said...

So eloquently stated. Thanks for giving voice to the part of me that is screaming inside with rage and fear.

I love the idea of America. Unfortunately I'm starting to fear that this nation is too far gone; that it's no longer my America. At this point, I almost think we need to pack up our Constitution and find a new piece of ground and start over. I can't believe I have even just typed such a thing; it breaks my heart.

But how is it that, in the last few years, I have gone from the mainstream, middle of the road, all-American girl next door to a right-wing, radical on the fringes of society?

I'm just heartbroken to watch this slow (but intense) death of the once great United States.

Catherine R. said...

Hi Ellajac,

I did not watch the debates because I did not want to get irritated. I enjoyed this post though. I am going to be a "vote waster" and vote 3rd party. I'm disgusted with the way things are going. Really smart to punish people for being successful, huh? Institutions know what's better for you than you do, huh?

Like anon above, I like the idea of America but things are going a bit down the toilet. I am not scared though. Part of me hopes things get worse so that we can focus on what really matters...if that makes any sense.

EllaJac said...

Rachel, Anon, and others; I've lately had a friend tell me something a former acquaintance wants to do: Nicaragua, he says. He can find the money, but he needs the people to colonize. Build a compound, convert the locals, build a church, a school... I'm not sure if he's kidding or not. :) I don't think so... :]

Catherine R, thanks for reading and commenting! I don't know who I'm voting for, exactly. I know who I'm not voting for, obviously. Seems like the choice this year is "handbasket" or "lear jet." We're going to hell either way. And yeah, nothing like a little tribulation to separate the wheat from the chaff (and for us to decide which we want to be).