Wednesday, October 01, 2008


The other night (after we'd re-fixed the water heater), I headed downstairs and smelled something smoky/hot. I called to Hubby, who ran down two flights of stairs to check the water heater. All was well. We looked and sniffed around, and Hubby decided it was the base of the Vita Mix blender which he'd just used to make a giant frozen smoothie. I was doubtful, but we didn't see what else it could've been. I noticed the food dehydrator, and peeked in to see my chive bits were dry, so unplugged it and we went to bed.

The next day, I removed the lid to the food dehydrator and put the dry chives into a little bottle. I had lined the rack with the "fruit roll up" thing, which doesn't have any air-flow (except through the center open area) holes. Below that was a single rack that had a few still-soft peach slices finishing up. When I got to that layer, I had a revelation:

The fruit-roll-up liner must do a good job of containing the heat. And the one rack below it did a good job of letting that heat make some changes.

Can you say 'ouch'? I did, when one of these drew blood on my finger.

At least I didn't have to wash it. I tossed the over-baked peaches out to the chickens, and pondered whether or not I could find an aborigine to use this like a boomerang-of-death to capture a guinea or two.
Probably not.

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