Friday, October 31, 2008

Photo Catchup

It's a constant dilemma: Do I blog while the idea is fresh in my brain, or do I get my ducks in a row (and my pictures in a file) before putting it all down on paper digital?

Usually I blog when I think about it, and oftentimes the accompanying photos are languishing on my memory card. Then a new dilemma presents itself, once I get the photos on the computer: Add the photo to the corresponding story (where no one will ever see it), or forget it entirely? This time, I picked a third option, putting them in their own post and linking to the appropriate narrative.

What do you think of doing it that way?


Remember the luscious soup I made, that turned itself into a pickled vinaigrette? I was so excited that I took pictures of the meal in progress:


I hate using flash.

Here we are, sorting the potatoes. Intact ones to store, all others to use straightaway. We are also covering the dining room in a thick layer of fine dust. But it's organic. Do I get a pass?

I left a few of these with my folks when we went to visit. Considering the fact that my mom gave me a few bags of sprouting organic red potatoes (which I subsequently planted in my own garden), trading russets seemed like the least I could do. :)


Rachel said...

Thassa lotta potatoes... it's like heaven!

Andi said...

I like this option for sharing pictures -- most of the stories I remembered reading, but having the link to go back for the details is nice!

It was great to see you and Organique while you were out this way! Perhaps we'll make it out that way to visit sometime. I'd love to see your gardens and animals and the rest of your family :)

Danielle said...

Are these all from your garden??? wow! Wonderful! Where will you be storing them?

EllaJac said...

Danielle, No, these in fact were gleaned from an organic potato field. I did grow potatoes, but not this many! Mine were/are reds, yukon golds and one called "kennebunk". They won't store as well as the russets - which, my organic gardener neighbor told me to store in burlap bags (what you see in the picture) or wooden crates (you want air flow) in my basement up on a pallet. On the cement they'll rot. Organic potatoes have to be kept carefully because they're not doused with sprout inhibitors. Around here in the big potato storage sheds they pile the potatoes and every so often insert a big long piece of CMP (corrugated metal pipe - the wavy stuff that might go under someone's driveway for ditchwater to flow through) which lets the air flow amid the pile. I noticed they also do this with sugar beets piled awaiting processing (no shed, just piled outdoors).

Hope that helps!

annie said...

Yum.......I see lots of potato soup in your future. :) Or it would be in mine, if I had that many potatoes!

Thanks for all your information on how you store your potatoes. We 'harvested' seven beautiful sweet potatoes from the few vines we had in our garden. We kind of pulled them up too early, since some are on the small side and the vines could have produced more. But we needed the space for more carrots and onions (which, by the way, are NOT growing very well. it's a bit of a long do you wait for an onion to grow, anyway?!). I think we're going to add at least one more bed, possibly two, over the winter to increase our yield, since we only planted a few of each vegetable. This was our trial year. I hope for more next year! Gardening is kind of fun, when it's more hobby gardening than I-must-garden-for-survival. :)