Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Family History

I've long wanted to record bits of family history, and since this blog doubles as my 'scrapbook' (and it's not something the kids can get into and tear apart!), it's as good a place as any. Except, of course, that my tin-foil-hat paranoia will make the actual, accurate recording a bit awkward. Should I use initials? Pseudonyms? First names? Code? Perhaps I'll use some of each, but I won't tell you which are which, and you'll never know if I'm using actual family names or not. Mwahahaha... Aren't I tricky?

I will also do my best to be accurate without being boring. Not that anyone (other than myself) will find a whole lot of enjoyment in such stories, but, well, it's my blog right? It's not like I charge non-refundable admission. :)

So - when I have nothing notable to blog about (which might be often, once the garden is put to bed, right?) I'll try to put in some fun "family history" every now and then.

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Danielle said...

I like that "It's not like I charge non-refundable admission." Too true! Sometimes I censor myself on my blog cause I think anyone reading will be utterly bored, but I think to myself, "who am I doing this for anyway?" And the answer is "me." I'm making lists and putting down feelings and just keeping acount of how cute the kids are.