Sunday, October 12, 2008

Weekend Chaos

Why is it, that after five consecutive days of fairly regular cleaning/upkeep, my house looks like a disaster come Sunday (sometimes Saturday!) evening? It's horribly oppressive to me. Is it just Hubby? :)

I think it's the way I cast aside my 'regular' style to be 'in the flow' with Hubby. This, however, often leaves much to be desired, because he doesn't really tend to 'flow' much at all on weekends. I say things like, "Okay, Hon, what are your plans for today?" And he replies, "I dunno." Or, "Is there anything you want to accomplish today?" "Maybe." So then I hang in a state of limbo, not wanting to pursue my own agenda (because I want to be involved with him, whatever we do), and not having a clear idea of what his might be. So I do little bits of this and that, and the weekend slips away, leaving in it's wake a massive tide of chaos.

Perhaps this weekend was complicated by the many piles of foodstuffs taking shelter from the 38 degree high yesterday (quick, someone alert Al Gore). Buckets and baskets of green tomatoes (to add to the piles of reds), nearly 200 lbs of organic russet potatoes, and my long-simmering turkey carcass that's been on the stove since friday -- add to that Hubby's grand plan to salvage the plums from the tree and make wine. He must've worked half the day on that. *sigh* At least he had an agenda, right? Even if my kitchen is slathered in plum residue. So - sorting potatoes (must separate and use the cut/injured ones first), separating meat/bones/broth/other from the stockpot (and then digging/scrubbing/peeling/slicing carrots, and it's accompanied mess), pitting and juicing plums... Yeah, the kitchen is in sore need of being burned down and rebuilt some rehabilitation. We won't discuss what it looks like underneath the dining room table. *shudder*

Now I shall google for a knit hoodie pattern and try to put my psyche back together after reliving what is downstairs.

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