Thursday, October 30, 2008

Home Again, Home Again..

We made it back from our trip late Tuesday night. We did stop at Gi-gi's to shower and do a load of laundry and eat a bit, before heading out again (at 10:30) for home.

It was a really nice trip, overall. The fall colors were beautiful, and since they have trees there, it was great. What are those maple-looking things with the huge leaves? Fabulous.

It was "somewhere between chaos and bedlam" most of the time; my folks have my stepbrother and his two kids living there, so our family had foam mattresses spread around the living room for the duration, and we effectively doubled their house population. Lots of cooking, eating, messes, fellowship. My dad's well is ... in need of replacement, so unless it's rained a lot (usually not a problem, but apparently it hadn't lately), it really needs babied. We got there Thursday afternoon and by Friday evening had run the well dry. And then again Saturday evening. After the second time, all laundry and showers were banned. The dishwasher was allowed to run, but that was about it. Not a good thing when you're a cloth diaper user who travelled lightly, packing only a handful of outfits for each active child. I went next door to my ol' Granny's to use her washer and dryer for a load of diapers on Monday.

We were able to see my wonderful 21-year-old cousin (who, oddly enough, is my cousin on Gi-gi's side, but lives outside the same small town my folks do), a friend from high school, a friend from middle school, and my girls got lots and lots of grandma time, which they love so much.

My granny went through some of her fabric stash (she was always quite a seamstress, but several strokes over recent years have left her quite impaired - plus she's 90), and gave me 8 yards of some lovely, soft, tiny-wale corduroy, yards and yards of unbleached muslin (I'm so excited!), a length of denim, lots of white stuff, and a few other odds and ends. I can't wait to dig in... as soon as this house is clean.

Now we're home, with things to unpack and sort through and clean. The weather Wednesday was incredible, in the 80s. It should cool WAY down by tomorrow, and then I'll be absolutely assuredly stuck with a not-cleaned-out garden. Again. *sigh*

Big Sister is thrilled with the hand-me-down little bicycle we were able to bring home. She's 7, but hasn't had the chance to ride a bike, really, and is terrified of the bigger one we have for her. She puts her faith in training wheels (which she was introduced to at Gi-gi's, darnitall), and is terrified of doing without. Hubby broke down and bought her a set and put them on her 'new bike' and she's been on it constantly since then.

Organique did amazingly well on our trip; the worst part was the carseat time, but she slept and even napped in the huge (busy) living room, unlike Little Artist's tendency at that age.

Now, to step away from the computer and get something (else) done.

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