Monday, October 20, 2008


We're enjoying some Indian Summer weather today. Last Saturday it was in the 80s, and today must be 70 or so, and just beautiful. The girls are in bare feet outside.

We are planning a family trip this weekend, which promises to be a challenge. Three carseats, two parents, one sedan, and all the stuff to keep us afloat for six days? We could hook up the green monster, I suppose, but that might hurt gas mileage. And time. It's a 12 hour drive at the speed limit(s) without kids, 11 hours can be done, but add the little ones to the mix and it's anyone's guess. We'll cut 2 hours off by heading to Gi-gi's house the night before. That will give us a bit of a head start Thursday morning.

Before leaving I have to completely deal with all the produce sitting around here, which is actually a good thing. I'll be able to come home to a house free of fruit flies and piled tomatoes. I made four quarts of applesauce today, which perplexes me because I had 16 quarts of quartered apples to start with. Maybe I'll start making cider (and fend off Hubby's attempts to throw in some yeast to make Apple Jack? *sigh*). My granny has proposed a deal, however, which should help. I emailed to ask her if I might sometime have the stool that matches the vanity she gave me years back. She agreed, if I would bring her some tomatoes. What a deal! Their climate has almost never produced a vine-ripened tomato for them (and trust me, if anyone has a green thumb, it's her!), so we both win. Though technically any that are red and edible this week weren't likely vine-ripened. :)

I am looking forward to seeing a couple old friends from middle- and high-school this time as well. Seems like there's never enough time to squeeze in non-family visits, but I am determined this time.

I may even look for a Whole Foods (do they have them there? I will find out) and brave the aisles. I imagine it to be a unique experience: A store that "feels like home" to my crazy nutritional sensibilities, and yet, in terms of clientele, probably feels like Mars. I'll keep you posted if I find one.

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