Saturday, August 04, 2007

Circus Update

I took some pictures last night of some of the new family members (and pondered the wisdom of sending out a mass-email to friends and folks with "meet our newest family member!" in the subject line). They didn't cooperate much; The puppy was exceedingly tired and kept sleeping and yawning and looking like I felt.
I wish I could capture on a photo the whole feel of the front yard. A puppy at my feet, 2 kittens romping in the grass, hummingbirds going crazy through the air, the duck by the water-hydrant, the turkeys in their pen at the edge of the lawn, rogue chickens pecking about, and the bunny in it's cage in the background.
Following is one of the kittens. This is "Gilbert," so named by Little Monkey. He is a little boy, and looks much better in this picture than he does in real life, in my opinion... His sister is "Chrissy," so named by Big Sister, and she is a bit larger, and has very faint stripes within and on the edges of the siamese-coloring. She's a little prettier. A little.
Next is a picture of the Most Loved of the New Pets (choke, cough, I can't believe we have 'pets'!). It's not a good one, but I'll try to get a better shot later. I wanted a picture that showed her blue eyes. Are dogs like people? Are their eyes always blue for a while after birth? Or will they get brown like Hubby's and the girls'? The rest of her certainly is brown. And she really is the cutest thing. Now that I've removed her tick (side not: I have never even seen a tick in real life, though they are prolific in this area. I certainly never thought I'd have to remove one, but Hubby thought my hands would be more stable, so I did it. One Mixer, please). Hubby tossed around the idea of naming her Hershey, but that seemed a little obvious. He wasn't impressed with Cocoa or Mocha, and had me get online to look up words in different languages. He settled on "Buni" (BOO-nee), which is a Swahili word for coffee cherry. I know, I know, coffee cherries are green and red, not brown, but the other words just didn't work.

You can click on the picture above for a better look at Buni.

Oddly enough, I'm at a loss as to how to go about my day today. We've been in invited to a birthday party in Town (for a son of the very friend who foisted this critter upon us), and really don't know what to do with this roly-poly furball in the meantime. Hopefully she'll stay in the shade in the backyard till we return...?

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