Sunday, August 19, 2007

Life Update

One injured chicken died, the other might just be recovering. She's got a nasty gash on her back, but hasn't keeled over yet. The two unscathed hens are still around. I'm making a call to a lady about an hour away who has one or two hens to sell. They're not "laying" yet, but will be within the month or two, I suppose. I need to call a nearby organic farmer to see if he has any layers to spare, but I loathe to bother him this time of year. He'd be far easier to get to than the other, for sure.

The girls and I spent a couple days visiting Gi-gi. I sure didn't do much. I managed to sit and visit with some friends on Thursday evening, and most of Friday I just rested. That evening I took a chair and watched the girls at a playground while Gi-gi watered her church flowerbeds and such. Even that seemed taxing! Friday night I did NOT sleep much... Boy, I missed my bed. Everything in my back, shoulders, and hips was aching by morning. We got home around noon and Hubby was still working on a job or two. He made it home by 3:00 I think. I'm very frustrated by my lack of It seems like standing, or walking, even for a few minutes is draining. Let alone trying to pick things off the floor! I really need help, but I also really don't want Gi-gi driving this far for that. My temporary neighbors have offered to give me a hand when I need it, and I may just have to take them up on it. Which I hate. I'm trying to think of ways to cut back on 'jobs'. I'm loathe to buy any quick-prep food, just because it's not really food, but I need to do something. Pre-making and freezing meals is a great idea, but I still need to pre-make them. Letting the girls run around the property naked might cut down on the laundry, but that would probably be frowned upon by everyone. :) I will be praying for ideas to deal with this last month (and the one following, probably). I also have to prepare some really odd things if we have this baby at home. I need four clean/sterile sheets and pillowcases in a sealed garbage bag. But I don't have four sheets that fit my bed. I need to find out if they can be sheets of any kind, or if they must be sheets for my bed. Sheets aren't among the oddities, though. Things like raw vinegar and honey seem odd. And ice. And a crockpot. Perhaps it's in case things take too long and we all need a snack? I need to call the midwife this week.

Speaking of the midwife, I had an appointment on Thursday and all seems well. Baby is in a "good position" (yeah, to elbow my bladder constantly and try to stick it's feet right out through my side), my urine was "great," and I gained about 2 lbs this past 3 weeks. Uh oh. I should be ok, though. Amazingly I've gained about 20 lbs or less this whole pregnancy. Can that be right? I think it is. Though I will not underestimate the possibility for me to make up for that in the next 4 weeks or so.

I'm still waiting on the roof guy, and the tile guy (grrrr). Tile guy swears he'll be here this week. It must be harder when you're related to the contractor. It's a half-hour job, but he's the only qualified guy to do it. I know, because I called him last week and asked who else he might recommend, as I'd REALLY like to have my master bath intact before I have this baby. It's only been 2.1 years now. The roof guy says 'by the end of the month.' Which I hope is true. I don't think the roof guys would like a woman in labor right under them. And I wouldn't like to be a woman in labor with roofing guys hammering away above my head. However, the paint job on the car is beautiful. I'll wait and replace the windshield right before we trade it in for a van. *sigh* That car is so great, I'll hate to give it up. And I'd really like to buy a van without a loan. Hm. That might be a chore. We'll see what God does. We're in no hurry, really.

Well, sitting here has made me pretty tired, and Lord knows my energy should be spent on something a little more worthwhile, perhaps...

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