Sunday, August 05, 2007

Mary Kay Sale Event

Well, I've finally got the ball rolling. I went through all of my Mary Kay retail inventory and I actually know everything I have. And I have everything. Or very nearly. I am short a few colors, but loooong on the skin care. And what a deal it is! Everything on my shelf is going for 40% off, period. That will include tax, shipping/delivery, credit card processing, etc. Mostly I am making no money, but gaining valuable closet space that may shortly house cloth diapers. Then again, the closet is upstairs and the laundry is downstairs, so I might have to find a more reasonable place to keep them. Hmm...

In any case, I hope to make a dent in all this. And maybe make a bump in my mixer fund. I have sent out an email to my customers with email, and need to make some copies (yay for my new cost-effective printer!) for my snail-mail customers. I may not recoup the cost of stamps, but oh-well... Hopefully people will be blessed.

The hardest stuff to move will probably be the discontinued and/or seasonal items. Mostly because people may not be familiar with the items. That, or they're blowing their whole budget to stock up on the rest of it. :) And only a few trusted individuals are being offered the "Little Monkey-ed" products. These are exceptionally discounted, due to their encounters with Little Monkey. Of course, people not familiar with her might be bothered by/suspicious of products that lack their formerly pristine appearance, hence they are 'reserved'. Though any reader of THIS blog is familiar with the anomaly that is Little Monkey, and would understand it's results.

I also have tons of "gifts" that I may or may not add to some orders. Ordinarily I would keep such items for impromptu birthday gift-additions and such, but anyone whose birthday I am invited to is invariably closer-related to another consultant than to me. There are a lot of us in this family. And I haven't wanted to be seen as stepping on territory. Though I did notice at a recent birthday party that the birthday girl received Mary Kay products from at least 3 different people. Maybe I need to figure out the rules here... In any case, I may keep all these cute travel-size versions and specialty items, or I may add them to "qualifying" orders. :) They certainly take up less space than the full-size product.

I also have to be careful. I am offering this to my customers, but they're free to share the information with others. However, I don't want to undercut another consultant by selling to their clients either. I think 'that friend who has tried it, loved it, but never afforded it' would be ideal. This offer is good for products, not total makeovers for newbies. :) And, since I'm a consultant, and this product was purchased from The Company, the Mary Kay Guarantee applies, unlike garage sale/ebay-type sales.

Well, time to write that letter!


Tanya said...

I am running out of some of my Mary Kay. I might have to put in an order.

Tabitha said...

Well said.