Sunday, August 26, 2007


Things just keep getting better around here... Almost to the point of comedy. I'm 3 weeks away from D-Day, and the tile guy hasn't so much as rang my phone. Which might be good at this point; if he showed up I might find some lighter fluid and things could get nasty. My distress has caused Hubby to take on the Particular Task Requiring Skill on his own, which hasn't done much for marital peace either. I'm torn between, "you'll mess this up and we'll be in real trouble!" and "if you thought you could do this where were you these last 2 years!?" Not a good plan, either way. Even if he does complete the shower pan decently, I don't see how he can do the tile work in the remaining time. Which leaves me at the mercy of the people who've said they would be happy to take on that job... Forgive my doubts, at this point.

Also, the tub in the other bathroom has had problems leaking water thru the silicon caulking. Very bad. I took a razor blade and removed a good portion of the problem areas, and waited for Hubby's return from the hardware store. I don't know if this diet is messing with his head, or what, but he didn't exactly do a careful job. He caulked all right, as though he were posessed with the spirit of Little Monkey. He caulked over old caulking, and thru standing water in a different corner, and missed other parts that needed it. I'm waiting until it cures, maybe by tonight or tomorrow, and then I'll have to dry it with fans (can't keep moisture in the wall!) and in a day or two try again. So much for my daily prescribed ginger baths. This just doesn't feel like the attitude of a grateful, supportive helpmeet, but I can't figure out how to mesh the two here.

What else? Apparently I didn't pay the property taxes in June. They're not much; just for our adjoining field, but they did tack on their interest and late fees. Communists. Plus, I SWEAR I remember making it up those courthouse stairs in my white maternity shirt, which I bought in early June, but the checkbook doesn't back me up. I hope I didn't pay with cash, because any receipt is long gone, certainly.

*Something* was threatening the chickens this morning at 2:30 when Hubby came to bed. Of course he shot it (not a dog, darn it!). Of course, it's in the freezer now, but I don't plan to eat it!

I've been trying to find some cloth diaper stuff online. There's so much to pick from, so many ways to "diaper", and the worst of it is I don't know if I want pink or blue. So I better just wait.

Well, time to find out if Hubby plans to make it to church this morning! I'm not sure if I should go or not: Tile Guy's life may be in danger if I see him...

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